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Dirty bomb party matchmaking

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Browse Browse. Full Stories Headlines. Hey all, Want to know where balance updates are? Halloween has come to the streets of London, in a new two week event. The CDA have started enjoying the quiet life.

Ranked Season 2

Overview Dirty Bomb is a class-based multiplayer shooter focused on attack and defend gameplay. Emphasizing strategy and teamwork. There are multiple classes mercenaries to choose from, and each class has a set of characters which further change the equipment and play-style of that class. It is currently in Closed Beta and can be accessed via keys sent from their sign-up page. The game has currently transitioned to Open Beta on June 2nd, Dirty Bomb features a gamemode called “Stop-Watch” which is similar to other objective-based games, where one team must attack and perform certain objectives in order to win while the other team defends.

r/Dirtybomb: Welcome to /r/DirtyBomb, a community for new, casual, and competitive players. Stay tuned for events and update notes!

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Dirty bomb competitive matchmaking. CONTAINMENT WAR UPDATE

Execution A fast-paced, single life gamemode. Choosing no again closes the game. Also skins can be bought with credits, unlike in other F2P games. There is a team deathmatch on its way, which might curb the monotony. There is a 7th card rarity that was only available to closed beta testers and players who purchased a Founder’s Pack, Obsidian. Another frag movie competition is coming soon so get used to using it.

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Dirty Bomb Review

Ranked Season 2 [1] returns to Dirty Bomb. With Ranked Season 2 kicking off today and running until the 1st of June, it’s time to jump back into the mode Dirty Bomb was built for – Hardcore 5v5 Stopwatch matches with friendly fire and team collision enabled. Each Season 2 Ranked Case contains one random Loadout Card with an exclusive skin for a Merc and their weapons, available only during this season.

Want to strike fear into the hearts of the unwashed masses in pubs?

Now, I’ve played dota, league, csgo and dirty bomb. In each of those games, to like me way more. Otherwise solid game, fix your rank matchmaking please.

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Dirty Bomb’s biggest update yet drops this week

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